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Rooftop Garden

Our words can't describe it, so read what others say:

April 5, 2006, The New York Times
"Steven Greenberg, who has owned clubs including the Palladium, has leased the 22,000-square-foot rooftop and penthouse of the former Victoria Hotel."

May 1, 2006, Page 6, New York Post
"Steven Greenberg, who opened the Roxy Roller Disco back in the '80s', has become King of rooftop bars..."

May 1, 2006, NewYorkology
"230-Fifth on the road to best new rooftop bar title"

May 5, 2006,
"When genius/bonkers art collector Steven Greenberg sells his controlling interest in the Gramercy Park Hotel to Ian Schraeger's people, the man needs a new project. A bigger, more luxuriously anachronistic one. That's where 230-Fifth comes in"

May 8, 2006, The Strong Buzz
"... the newest hot spot from Steven Greenberg..."

May 10, 2006, Cititour
"New York's, hottest new rooftop bar, complete with its own Penthouse Lounge, has opened at 230-Fifth and is sure to be a steamy summer destinations."

May 15, 2006, HFN - Trends
"The lounge area is filled with pieces of Greenberg's private furniture collection, which creates a 1940s modernist mood."

July 1, 2006, Travel Leisure
"Palm trees and fountains set the scene at the 22,000-square-foot 230-Fifth, the city's largest rooftop lounge."

July 10, 2006, Crain's
"230-Fifth, which commands respect for its scale and its view...great location, a late-summer breeze and a good chance of nabbing a seat, even during the after-work crush."

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